Video Optimization


Video is quickly becoming one of the most used platforms online, which is why video marketing is growing in its importance. More and more consumers are expecting the companies they do business with to communicate with them through interactive video. You may already have a great video produced, but a high quality video isn’t simply enough to help your business get results. For profitable results, your videos have to be optimized so consumers can find your videos easily.

Video Optimization with National Positions

VSEO (video search engine optimization) is very similar to traditional SEO – it’s essentially the process of getting videos to organically rank at the top of search engine results on platforms like YouTube, Google, and Bing. In order to get measureable profits out of your video marketing campaign, your videos need to be entertaining and/or informing to the consumer audience. At National Positions, we can help your company achieve high rankings for its videos on major search engines to get it seen by people.

If your company doesn’t have a video marketing strategy in place, it must act now and implement a VSEO strategy or else runs the risk of being squeezed out by your competitors since more businesses are doing more video marketing. National Positions reviews clients’ current VSEO tactics and videos to identify what needs to be done to get VSEO power. National Positions understands what video optimization tactics work to get your videos to the top of the most popular video search engines. Our video optimization solutions will not only strengthen your VSEO power, but will help your business grow and expand online while getting the most out of your marketing budget.

Achieving Powerful VSEO with National Positions

We can help you optimize your videos from the start of production all the way to the promotion of your videos. At National Positions, we can help your company produce a high quality video that resonates with your target audience, even if your video production budget is small. We’ll infuse proper lighting and music to give your video a corporate and professional feel. National Positions can even assist your company in finding a spokesperson to be in your next video. If you already have a great video produced, we’ll help you optimize, submit, and promote your video.

We understand the importance of keyword research and selection in video optimization. The team at National Positions will review, research, and analyze the best keywords in regards to your video. We’ll optimize your video’s title, name, and description around the researched keywords so your video sees better rankings and has better visibility.

Video submission is an extremely vital part of great VSEO and getting your video found. We not only understand where your video should be uploaded, but we know how to properly submit your video to the major search engines. We’ll promote your videos by implementing an embedded linking strategy, promoting comment generating, and integrating your videos seamlessly into your social media strategy.