Conversion Optimization


So once you have consumers on your website, your next step is to get these consumers to convert into customers. Through conversion optimization as a part of your company’s Internet marketing strategy, you can increase this conversion rate and, therefore, benefit from additional sales, a higher profit margin, and more leads generated.

Components of Conversion Optimization

There are many factors to consider in order to best optimize your company’s website for conversion. These include modifying your company’s website to include: appropriate web design and color scheme, trust icons, and prominent, well-placed call to actions.

Based on your company and your industry, the appropriate web design and color scheme can be determined. For example, if you own a spa, it would be appropriate to use a blue color scheme for your website because this is a very calming color like your services. There is a psychology to these colors. If you a restaurant, using a red or orange color scheme is more appropriate. Whatever your industry is, the most suitable color scheme can be determined.

Trust icons are also important to include on your company’s website because they instill confidence in your consumers of your products, services and company. These trust icons include hacker-safe, credit card, and accreditation symbols. All of these icons work to get consumers to better trust your company, which will make the consumers more likely to want to buy your products or services.

Lastly, having prominent, well-placed call to actions are also important to your conversion optimization strategy. These call to actions tell your user exactly what to do upon landing on your company’s page. For example, maybe you want your user to fill out a form or to click through to another page. Whatever it is that you want your user to do, you will use this call to action to make that happen.

National Positions’ Conversion Optimization Services

At National Positions, our experts here understand these different components of conversion optimization and can even further review and better your company’s Internet marketing strategy by using analytics. There are many online tools we use here at National Positions to go about reviewing, modifying and best optimizing your company’s website. For example, one tool we use is the Google Website Optimizer. This tool allows our experts here at National Positions to optimize your website in the three above ways described to make sure you have the most appropriate web design, layout and organization to boost lead generation and conversion. This tool also allows us to do split testing to see what type of design will best lead to a higher conversion rate. At experts here at National Positions will work with you to decide what page design is most appropriate to use by optimizing all factors of your website such as headlines, call to actions, graphics, and pricing.